1920 handbag

Just stumpled over this video. The channel was posted on the Historical Sewing Fortnightly facebook page by a great costumer named Annette. The name of the channel is VintageFashion and can befound at this link.
I will be sharing some other videos from them and others when i find a project the videos suits.

Brigitta Coif Tutorial


I just finished up my Brigitta coif tutorial. This I wanted to do for months, but my studying wouldn’t allow me that. Finally I can rest and post this out to you guys. Hopefully it works. I know their is a lack of pictures. Hopefulle this will be changed when I have the time to make another coif.

I would love to hear your meaning! Please let me know if i could do anything better.


Brigitta Coif Tutroial

It can also be found in the tutorial section.