Nun Dress Pattern Ideas

I just stumbled over a pattern in my book “Nordbomønstre” (the English title is “Medieval Garment Reconstructed – Norse Clothing Patterns”). I think I will use it as the main dress. I like the idea about the pockets allot. There will also be allot of room to alterations, if needed. I will scan the pages with patterns later. You can fine more information about the book under “Books”.

Project Nun

My main inspiration in this project are the pictures/illuminates/paintings of Hildegard of Bingen.

She is one of the most famous Nuns in the medieval. I have also selected which style I want to saw in. Im going to focus on the styles between the year 1200 and 1450.

Here are some pictures:


This is my first post. Usually are these post very doll and all “hallo let me introduce myself”. I’ll try to make this a little different. I will share my project with you.

I have participated as a volunteer on The European Medieval Festival for many years now. Here I have handed out flyers, helped the artists and been a Ticket Inspector. This year I want to try something else. So I decided to help the churches with their ceremonies. I’m going to be a Nun. Usually I can wear the same costume for most events. But this time I have to make a custom-made one. I don’t think my boyfriend is so excited as I am, hehe