HSF #17/2014 – Yellow

DSC05695 (2)

The Challenge: Yellow
What is it? A medieval needlecase
Fabric: Embroided on wool, lined with linen and embroided  with silk and cotton
 Selfdrafted with inspiration from archaeological finds and a pattern from Medieval Silkwork
13th & 14th century Medieval
I chose to use cotton thread in some of the colours. Yellow and Green. Mostly because I couldn’t get it in silk and I really wanted to get started. 
How historically accurate is it?
 Apart from the cotton, and the lack of find of fabric needle cases from the medieval period, I guess it pretty close and it is completely done by hand. I would say 60 %.
Hours to complete:
 12 hours
First worn: 
I need to collect some medieval sewing gear before this can be used.
Total cost:
About $10 USD

DSC05691 (2)

DSC05696 (2)

DSC05698 (2)

DSC05699 (2)

m194689_stdInspiration and link to source

More information on brick stiches: 
Medieval Silkwork

Medieval Arts and Crafts

Medieval Threads

More about brick stitches

HSF #7/2014 – Tops & Toes

The Challenge: Tops & Toes

What is it: 15th century liripipe

Fabric: Wool and linen

Pattern: Own pattern, with inspiration from the Herjolfsnæs liripipes

Year: 15th century

Notions: Linen and wool thread for decoration and sewing.

How historically accurate is it? It is completely handsewn. Made with the techniques described in Else Østergaards – Woven to the Earth. The buttons is a copy of an extant fabric button.


Funeral doublet of Pandolfo III Malatesta (1370-1427). 

Source: link

Hours to complete: A lot! Didn’t count them because of the long time frame it took to finish it in.

First worn: Not yet.

Total cost: All in stash.







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Medieval Braies – for my man

This summer my boo came to me, when we went for the yearly medieval marked and said he wanted a medieval costume. I must say I have waited for this for so loooong time! Hopefully he will become so happy for the reenactment community that we will go more than one time at year and reenact more than just the medieval period.

The first clothing for him is a pair of braies. I have never made menswear before so this is completely new for me. I believe they turned out quite well, but there is a couple of things I will change for the next pair I’ll make.  They need to be about 2 cm higher and a little narrower. As by boyfriend said: It looks like i’m wearing a diaper!
I left room so that you can tie on the hoses in both sides.

This piece is also a part of the HSF challenge #25 – One meter.


DSC03777Seam at the leg

DSC03780Without my BF

DSC03781Closeup seam

DSC03782Closeup seam

Thanks to the Larsdatter database for the inspirational photos!

Brigitta Coif Tutorial


I just finished up my Brigitta coif tutorial. This I wanted to do for months, but my studying wouldn’t allow me that. Finally I can rest and post this out to you guys. Hopefully it works. I know their is a lack of pictures. Hopefulle this will be changed when I have the time to make another coif.

I would love to hear your meaning! Please let me know if i could do anything better.


Brigitta Coif Tutroial

It can also be found in the tutorial section.

Whats new?

So… Christmas is over and New Year’s Eve has past.
I started Christmas by posting a competition – nobody answered? Hopefully somebody does next time.

But what have I been up to? Not so much in the creative zone. I made my little sister a shopping bag for Christmas. Otherwise have I been studding and working.

Tonight I actually did the first hobby related stuff, for a month! A pair of wrist warmers made by me in the Nordic nålebindings technique.


The European Medieval Festival in Horsens/ Europæisk Middelalderfestival i Horsens

Hi guys.
Here is a very short review of The European Medieval Festival.
I didn’t take that many photos because my cellphone dies halfway through Saturday.
As always there ways a lot of great food, but not very authentic. Actually the whole festival had a lack of authentity.









Hej folkens.
Her der en meget kort anmeldelse af Horsens Europæiske Middelalderfestival.
Jeg tog ikke så mange billeder, fordi min mobil løb tør for strøm halvvejs gennem lørdag.
Som altid var der en masse dejlig mad, men ikke særligt autentisk. Faktisk var der en stor mangel på autenticitet gennem hele festivalen.