HSF #17/2014 – Yellow

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The Challenge: Yellow
What is it? A medieval needlecase
Fabric: Embroided on wool, lined with linen and embroided  with silk and cotton
 Selfdrafted with inspiration from archaeological finds and a pattern from Medieval Silkwork
13th & 14th century Medieval
I chose to use cotton thread in some of the colours. Yellow and Green. Mostly because I couldn’t get it in silk and I really wanted to get started. 
How historically accurate is it?
 Apart from the cotton, and the lack of find of fabric needle cases from the medieval period, I guess it pretty close and it is completely done by hand. I would say 60 %.
Hours to complete:
 12 hours
First worn: 
I need to collect some medieval sewing gear before this can be used.
Total cost:
About $10 USD

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m194689_stdInspiration and link to source

More information on brick stiches: 
Medieval Silkwork

Medieval Arts and Crafts

Medieval Threads

More about brick stitches

Some free pattern tips

Hi community!
After a long summer holiday, i’m ready to start at University in August for my second year at Medieval- and Renaissancearchaeology.  I’ve seen a lot of things this summer. I went to Ireland for 7 days. WOW! What a scenery and amazing people.

I have some tips to share with you. I have noticed that some museum websites share patterns for some of the gowns they have in their exhibitions. The Danish National Museum does.

Here is an example.



You can find all the information for this dress HERE

Even though it was Danish, I still hope this was helpful. It’s good to be back!

Some good things

I use the internet a lot! Too much I dare say. But sometime there come something beautiful out of it.

Here is a little list of nice links.

The Pourpoint of Charles de Blois
Here you can find a pattern. This is going to take forever. I doesn’t have anyone to sew it for. My Boyfriend would kill me! So hopefully someone will ask me to do it some day. Or ill sew it for myself 😀

Historical sewing
This is a great website. Here you can buy the bloggers own patterns, and get some tips along the way on the blog.

The Renaissance Tailor
This site is to die for! Lots of great tips and patterns as well.

A little peek. I’ll keep you informed 😀