My new 1920s hat

Finally i found time to make some of the things I love the most. Sewing..

Remember that hat from H&M? I’ts finished now!
I decorated it with a feather, velvet fabric and a beaded flower. I absolutely love it! Hopefully it will fit together with the planned flapper dress.


DSC00383 DSC00389 DSC00397This was also a part of the Historical Sew Fortnightly – Challenge #9 – Flora and Fauna


New Flapper Hat (20’s)

Oh! The exams are over me. I actually promised myself not to do any creative stuff while I’m reading for the exams. But, but, but… I bought a new hat. This hat is from H&M and I think that it’ll be the prefect flapper hat with some alterations. Don’t you?


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