Some free pattern tips

Hi community!
After a long summer holiday, i’m ready to start at University in August for my second year at Medieval- and Renaissancearchaeology.  I’ve seen a lot of things this summer. I went to Ireland for 7 days. WOW! What a scenery and amazing people.

I have some tips to share with you. I have noticed that some museum websites share patterns for some of the gowns they have in their exhibitions. The Danish National Museum does.

Here is an example.



You can find all the information for this dress HERE

Even though it was Danish, I still hope this was helpful. It’s good to be back!

Patterns for Medieval Chemise





Here is my patterns from the book “nordbomønstre”. I am going to change them a little so I can have a long sleeve and pro haps a little tighter.

When you print them about you just scale them up to 500 % and print it as a poster. Enjoy!

Fabric is on it’s way

I just bought the fabric I will use for my Nun Project. I have decided to be a Novice – this means I’m going through the admission process to be a Nun. Thought it would fit better with my age. Most nuns went through a years long Novice training. So will be wearing a white Vail.

I can’t wait to show you guys the fabric!