How to make progress with a project

Painting by Carla Colsman

It is hard being a full time student at the university, while wanting to be student political active, social, girlfriend-able and crafting. So this is how I come around my projects in the long run.

Small progress is some progress. 

Even though you don’t fell like having time for that garment, because you have a list of chores as well, a little time is enough to fell like your project is moving forward. This is not whole days and hours, but minutes we are talking about. Sit down and sew that one side panel today and continue with the next tomorrow.

Challenge yourself.

I have learned that by challenging myself I look much more forward to that time where I can sit down with my projects. Try a new and harder pattern next time or a new technique.

Make a list

Lists make it easier to overcome a big sewing project. This is helping you knowing what to do and keeping track on how you slowly are moving closer to a finished piece.

Keep a sewing diary.

If you are anything like me, you have a ginormous pile of projects lying in the corner. I therefore find it helpful to keep a diary over my projects so I know where I have come to the next time I pick it up.

Please tell I this post are helpful. I would like to know if you want more of these.