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I make a lot of stuff, and love to be creative.
One of my friends asked the other day, why I didn’t sell my stuff. I couldn’t find a answer to this question, so this is why I made my own Etsy shop.

Right now is the only things available in the shop is needlebinded fingerless mittens and a poster/canvas print of The Little Mermaid.

I do hope some of you guys will take a look.

Esty Shop Gemmested

Some good things

I use the internet a lot! Too much I dare say. But sometime there come something beautiful out of it.

Here is a little list of nice links.

The Pourpoint of Charles de Blois
Here you can find a pattern. This is going to take forever. I doesn’t have anyone to sew it for. My Boyfriend would kill me! So hopefully someone will ask me to do it some day. Or ill sew it for myself 😀

Historical sewing
This is a great website. Here you can buy the bloggers own patterns, and get some tips along the way on the blog.

The Renaissance Tailor
This site is to die for! Lots of great tips and patterns as well.

A little peek. I’ll keep you informed 😀

The European Medieval Festival/Eropæisk Middelalder Festival

Here you have an nice wooden medieval door to enjoy!

Here you have an nice wooden medieval door to enjoy!

Hmm.. okay. I didn’t quite fit my deadline. That really sucks! I have so many bad excuses, but I will spare you!

So tomorrow, or 20 hours from now, will the festival start. I promise to take a lot of Photos and be some sort of mini reporter for you guys. I don’t have the most functional camera (read cellphone), so can’t promise the pictures will be good.

How much did I sew? Well, I’m almost finished my chemise (need to sew the skirt bottom). My sct. Brigitta cap is done, but the headgear (vail and neckfabric) is not done at all. The fabric arrived yesterday! How I hate on-line shopping! The fabric for the main dress was so thick, that I would melt if I ever sew a dress out of it. I’m going to use it for a cape once.

I’ll post some photos of the chemise and cap when I return home and is finish at my school starting program. By the way, I got accepted to Medieval- and Renaissancearchaeology.

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Hmm.. Okay. jeg nåede vidst ikke lige min deadline. Det er virkelig træls! Jeg har så mange dårlige undskyldninger, men det skal jeg nok skåne jer for!

Så i morgen, eller 20 timer fra nu, vil festival starte. Jeg lover at tage et tons af billeder og være en eller anden form for lille journalist kun for jer. Jeg har dog ikke det mest funktionelle kamera (læs mobiltelefon), og kan ikke love verdens bedste billeder.

Hvor meget nåde jeg så at sy? Jeg er næsten færdig med min særk (mangler kun at sy skørtet i bunden). Min Skt. Brigitta hue er færdig, med det andet hovedtilbehør (sjal og halsklæde) er overhovedet ikke færdige. Stoffet kom først i går! Hvor jeg hader online shopping! Stoffet der var beregnet til selve overkjolen er alt for tykt, så tykt at jeg ville smelte i det hvis jeg nogensinde fik den sindssyge idé at bruge det til en kjole. Tror jeg bruger det til en kappe… engang.

Jeg ligger nogen billeder op af særken og huen når jeg kommer hjem og er færdig med rus uge på universitet. Jeg blev forresten optaget på Middelalder- og Renæssancearkæologi!

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Out of topic!

Hi Guys!
I know that this is a bit out of topic. But i fell like have have to explain my absence on the blog.
In this past month have I dealt with an exam in German Language, a weekend in Budapest (Hungary) and is right now living in moving mess. I just about to move to my new apartment in Aarhus (Denmark) where I hopefully will be accepted on the medieval archaeology class at Aarhus University.
Soo… puhh… a lot too do!
I’m still in my sewing process of the Sct. Brigitta Cap, and is awfully behind in the time schedule. Cheer on me!

Here is a picture from Budapest! Have a nice summer!


More patterns and links to the sct. Brigitta cap

Here is some useful links- enjoy!

Swedish PDF with patterns and useful text:

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