Something about Madame Grés

If you love clothing and do not know who Madame Grés is? Then you are missing out on something great! She is from the time where glamour was the real deal. Master of the pleats!
I wanna share a couple of sites i have been stumbling (drawling) over. But first, something about madame Grés.

052_madame_gres_theredlistPicture of Madame Grés. Source

Madame Grés was born in 1903. Her birth name was Germaine Émilie Krebs. She wanted to be sculptor but failed at this. Through the 30’s and until 1942 she was known under the name Alix Barton. But there and forward she was known as Madame Grés. She was very successful and have design for people like Grace Kelly. She died at an amazing age, 101 years old! If you wanna know more I recommend this site: The Fashion Historian


Stunning dress from 1958 made from Silk Jersey. Source

The Technique she used was quiet unique for her time. She sort of say, felled the fabric and made it speak for it self. Her having this great knowledge about draping and pleating, she sculpted a very modern and simple look. But her dresses was far from simple. Some of the dresses took over a 100 hours to make for a skilled seamstress to produce!


Madame Grés Technique. Source

A Challenging Sew – This is the most amazing blogpost ever! Shows in details how to work with the technique Madame Grés used.
Lady Jojo’s – Nice blogpost about Madame Grés.

A small video:

1920 handbag

Just stumpled over this video. The channel was posted on the Historical Sewing Fortnightly facebook page by a great costumer named Annette. The name of the channel is VintageFashion and can befound at this link.
I will be sharing some other videos from them and others when i find a project the videos suits.

My Etsy and YouTube adventure

Hi Guys!

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been so active on the blog for a couple of days now. The reason why is that I have started my own Etsy shop. I have already told you about this. I want to share with you, what I’ve been up to. I know i’t isn’t that historical and so on, but i’m really proud of it. Also… this is a geek confession.

DSC002302013-03-04 16.38.45DSC00218

One of the other things I’ve been up to, is a YouTube channel with my little sister Marie. We are going to make some nerdy DIY’s and I might post it on here sometimes, when I find it relevant for this community. So here is a couple of links you should check out!

Etsy Shop Gemmested

YouTube Channel NerdAlertSisters

Blog Award Norminated


Thanks to opusanglicanum who nominated me for this blog award.
This is my first nomination ever, and I’m so happy! This blog is only a month from one year, and 2400 people have already been visiting.

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7 facts about me:

  1. I love to cook! And if I had the time and space would I be making a blog about that too.
  2. All my siblings have ADHD, I’m the only one without. You could call me the black sheep in the family.
  3. I love all kinds of Disco music – I’ts kind of embarrassing.
  4. I have been together with my boyfriend for almost 5 years (meet when we where 18). Still waiting for a ring!
  5. I’d love to make everything myself, but sometimes i cheat and by marmalade and bread.
  6. I come from Denmark, a little country with a lot of history. I love to live here, but want to study half a year in York – England.
  7. I can knit, but is so bad at crocheting. I would love to learn!

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