HSF #2/2014 – Innovations


The Challenge: HSF#2/2014 – Innovations
Fabric: Pure white Cotton
Pattern: TV108 – Grand Bustle
Year: 1869-1875
Notions: Plastic covered boning
How historically accurate is it? As far as methode it is very accurate. Didn’t serge the ends mechanically and finished all the details in hand. Such a ruffles .. Oh them ruffles!
Hours to complete: Approximately 12 hours
First worn: Today. Do not know for what Event I will wear this yet.
Total cost: Stash and 30 dollars worth of cotton.

The Innovation:
The theme for this challenge was innovations. I wanted to use minimum 2 innovations in this challenge. The first is the introduction of the sewing machine into private households. The Victorian era, with its massive expansion in industry and technology proved to be the fertile ground from which the sewing machine grew (source). The other innovation is more like a reinvention. The Bustle. This was a further development of the crinoline of the 1850’s and the farthingale from the renaissance (which has a long history I will share with you later!).


2 thoughts on “HSF #2/2014 – Innovations

  1. Nice job!

    Back in 1977 (way back when) I made my prom dress and it had tons of ruffles. I was making the dress for prom but also as my Sr. 4-H project. I had chosen a gauzy type material and for the yards and yards of ruffles I ended up doing hand rolled hems, all slip-stitched. Hours and hours went into those ruffles. Nobody appreciated my effort except the judge at the fair who granted me the Grand Champion based on my “excellent handwork” 🙂 Today people just don’t appreciate the hand finishes because our sergers make such an even and quick finish. I like handwork though, it’s classy to me.

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