a glorious find: the history seamstress.

BLUSH! This is so nice! Thanks again for the view and comments. I have learned a lot form it. I’ll try some of your suggestions.

three ante.meridiem.


history seamstress is a wordpress blog created specifically for historical costumes. the author of this blog is a woman by the name of Kristine; she is a student at Aarhus University [located in Aarhus, Denmark] studying Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology.  while this is a blog to instruct others on creating vintage apparel, it also serves as a miniature history lesson within each tutorial. it is a didactic blog in both sewing and civics. her website provides viewers with books, links, videos, tutorials, as well as fabric and patterns; the seamstress connects personally with her readers by placing older, yet, relevant photos of her family to demonstrate the attire of a specific time period for modeling purposes. “history seamstress” is certainly a uniquely innovative use of a 2014 blogging website.

approaching this blog in respect to Bitzer’s Metatheory, i would like to analyze “history seamstress” rhetorically according to its exigence, audience, and…

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