Medieval Braies – for my man

This summer my boo came to me, when we went for the yearly medieval marked and said he wanted a medieval costume. I must say I have waited for this for so loooong time! Hopefully he will become so happy for the reenactment community that we will go more than one time at year and reenact more than just the medieval period.

The first clothing for him is a pair of braies. I have never made menswear before so this is completely new for me. I believe they turned out quite well, but there is a couple of things I will change for the next pair I’ll make.  They need to be about 2 cm higher and a little narrower. As by boyfriend said: It looks like i’m wearing a diaper!
I left room so that you can tie on the hoses in both sides.

This piece is also a part of the HSF challenge #25 – One meter.


DSC03777Seam at the leg

DSC03780Without my BF

DSC03781Closeup seam

DSC03782Closeup seam

Thanks to the Larsdatter database for the inspirational photos!


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