Cushion embroidery – FIRST EVER

Yesterday I started at my very first embroidery. It is with awe I’ve started on this one.  The materials I’m using is linen thread on cotton. I find it has a lot less friction. Any tips out there? The inspiration is early medieval. I am considering fresh water pearls for eyes.


DSC00404 DSC00406

4 thoughts on “Cushion embroidery – FIRST EVER

  1. pearls on a cushion sounds a bit uncomfortable.

    what kind of linen thread? most linen needs a light waxing as its not the most co-operative thread, specially not for embroidery – to be honest I would have recommended wool for a first project as its easier to work with on the whole

    I like the design though. it looks familair, is it from a woven textile? (actually it looks very much like the design of the brocade from my c12th frock)

    • My thread is waxed. I always wax was my linen thread. It can be a butt to work with if it isn’t. I have wool, but actually I found that really frustrating to work with and have put it aside for an other project later.
      I found the design online. Think it’s from a woven textile – but i’m not sure. I have had it laying around for a year or so.

  2. You obviously have a lot of talent if this is your first attempt at embroidery!! Love it – I think you’ve inspired me to go try something, perhaps with wool though (as I have an abundance of it!!). 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this,

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