1.000+ views all time!

This is amazing. Who would had thought that my hobby-life could seem so interesting for other people than me.

I would like to reward my audience with something nice. Therefore will I make a Sct. Brigitta Cap for the lucky winner. It will be simplified and without the embroidery in the middle, otherwise is it all hand sewn and will be send off to the lucky winner this January! It will offcouse be authentic, so all the reenacters can use it 🙂

All you have to do, is like my facebook page and have a friend do so. After doing so, you write a comment below with your name and your friend. If you already have done this, then write down below in the comments.

Last day for entering the give away is December 16.



2 thoughts on “1.000+ views all time!

  1. Hey, I’ve been looking online everywhere for a nun’s habit. This is how i came across your blog. I loved it all. I especially liked the cap. It’s gorgeous. I know this is a little out of sort to ask, but I really, really need a seamstress that can or is willing to make me a nun outfit. A authentic looking one (much like the one Audrey Hetburn’s in Nun’s Story) but also with little changes that’ll make it more visually beautiful. Obviously all expenses will be on me. If you are interested please let me know.

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